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Chiropractic Services
Exams, X-rays, adjustments and physiotherapy modalities

DOT Physicals
Dr. Syvrud is certified through the NRCME which is a new requirement for DOT physicals.We perform DOT physicals for truck drivers, bus drivers, cab drivers and heavy machinery operators. Our fee is $80. Call us at (701) 237-5150 to schedule an appointment. We may be able to get you in the same day.

Drug/Alcohol Testing for Companies
We currently are a test collection site for about 60 companies in the Fargo-Moorhead area. We encourage you to call our clinic if you are an employer that is seeking these services.

  • Drug Testing (drug screen) Non-DOT (eScreen) $50
  • Drug Testing (drug screen) DOT $50
  • Breath Alcohol Testing/ EBT $40

Drug testing hours are 8am - 12:30pm and 2 - 3:30pm

Sports Physicals
We usually can get your athletes into our office the same day. Our fee is $70.

At Syvrud Chiropractic Clinic, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic wellness care to our patients. Below is a sampling of the different chiropractic services we offer in our Fargo office.

Manual Technique

For most patients, Dr. Syvrud uses the diversified method (manual technique) of adjustment. The word Chiropractic means "with the hand", and this is exactly what the diversified technique is.
After locating the areas of vertebral misalignment, Dr. Syvrud applies a controlled, gentle adjustment with his hands to the affected vertebral levels. Sometimes a patient will feel a "click" or "pop" sound in their spine when they are adjusted. This simply means that the affected area's vertebral joints moved well during the adjustment.

Activator Technique

For some patients, Dr. Syvrud uses the Activator Technique.
The Activator technique utilizes a very high speed, low force adjusting instrument called an "Activator". (See picture).

Some patients are very apprehensive of the "click" or "pop" sound of the diversified technique and prefer rather to be adjusted with the Activator. This technique works very well for sensitive patients, the elderly, and small children.

Dr. Syvrud has been clinically tested and is a past proficiency-rated Activator Doctor.

For more information about the Activator technique go to


Treatment Options

In the cases of severe, damage-sustaining injury rehabilitation is strongly recommended.

Often times, in auto collisions, significant tearing of muscles and ligaments can occur. Failure to heal and rehabilitate these soft tissue injuries early on can result in advanced degeneration and arthritis later in life. Although a severe injury can occur anywhere, the most common areas we treat for rehabilitation are the neck, low back and shoulders. A patient must understand that it takes time and patience to rehabilitate a severe injury.

Many injuries are minor. A lot of patients “call us when they need us”. A minor injury usually takes 1-3 weeks to get better.
A patient may also have been getting pain over a long period of time and had just been putting off coming in to get it fixed.
These are the people that need periodic “Tune Ups”.

Some of our patients are devoted believers in the Chiropractic lifestyle. They understand the long term health benefits of regular Chiropractic Adjustments and come in to our office for scheduled treatments regardless of how they are feeling. These patients tend to get very good physical results over the years and seem to be more resilient to pain and injury. Not everyone chooses maintenance care. But those that do... they can really feel the difference.

Nutritional Testing

Dr. Syvrud uses the method of "Contact Reflex Analysis" (CRA) to test for various health problems. The assumption of CRA is that our bodies are electrical. If you doubt this, go rub your feet on the carpet in the winter and then touch a metal object. Different organ systems in our body have specific reflex points that can be challenged and tested with a simple muscle strength test. If a profound weakness is noted at a certain reflex point, it may indicate problems.

The ultimate goal of CRA is not to treat individual symptoms per-se, but to find the root cause of a health problem and correct that underlying cause.

Since Chiropractors are not licensed to prescribe medications, we use a more natural approach to health problems through clinical nutrition.

For a list of some of the health conditions that we can support nutritionally, click on the Conditions We Can Help link of our website.

For information about the kind of nutritional supplements we use, go to . This website gives very good information regarding different health conditions and how they can be helped nutritionally.