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Auto Accidents

It is very important to be evaluated by a Chiropractor soon after a whiplash injury.  The main damage done in this type of injury is to the soft tissues (ligaments and muscles) and often times results in pain and inflammation soon after the car accident. Many times my patients tell me they feel very stiff and sore in their neck and upper back muscles with occasional sharp pains. Headaches and dizziness are also very common complaints after a car accident.

Initial treatment for a whiplash injury is usually more frequent (3x per week) and is focused on reducing pain and inflammation from the soft tissue damage. As a person gets betters, we then begin to see them less frequently (2x per week… 1x per week etc.).

A long term consequence of not treating a whiplash injury early on is arthritis and spinal degeneration later in life. Taking x-rays after a whiplash injury is our usual protocol.


The first x-ray shows a normal curve in the cervical spine

The second x-ray shows what often happens to a neck after a whiplash. Note the reversal of the neck curvature. The third x-ray shows what can happen if a whiplash injury goes untreated for years. Note the acceleration of arthritis in the cervical spine.

If you or someone you know has been in a car accident. Contact our office for an appointment. It is so much better to diagnose and treat a whiplash injury sooner rather than later.